A Comprehensive Astra Theme Review: Is It Worth Your Investment?

Designing the ideal website can seem like a Herculean effort. Like many others, I’ve wrestled with finding that perfect blend of speed and adaptability in a theme. Then I stumbled upon Astra—the WordPress theme that’s been generating buzz for its lean 50KB resource footprint and zippy performance.

In this Astra theme review, I’ll take an unvarnished look at this theme to see if it truly earns its stripes as the go-to choice for your digital footprint.

Astra WordPress Theme Review [Key Takeaways]

  • Astra is a fast and lightweight WordPress theme that’s highly customizable. It works beautifully with page builders such as Elementor.
  • The free version of Astra is really good, but the Pro version of the theme gives even more options for designing websites.
  • Astra fits well with plugins and tools for online shops, such as WooCommerce, and search engine optimization (SEO) helpers like SEOPress.
  • You can start using Astra for free or choose to pay for more design features. Good support from their team is there to help when you need it.
  • Astra is considered one of the best WordPress themes available because it makes websites look professional without being too hard to use.

Astra Theme Overview

Diving into the Astra WordPress theme, we explore a powerhouse of design and functionality that has taken the website creation world by storm. It’s applauded for transforming the user experience with its remarkable features and flexibility, which appeal to both amateur site builders and seasoned developers.

What is Astra?

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes. Developed by Brainstorm Force (a WordPress development company), it’s made to work well on all kinds of sites, such as blogs, online shops, and more.

You may know nothing about web design or coding and still take advantage of a great-looking, fast-loading WordPress site. A big plus is that Astra works super well with other tools, such as WooCommerce and Elementor.

Now, let’s talk about the core features Astra offers.

Core features

Now that you know what it is in general, let’s outline the details that make Astra an excellent choice of theme for your website:

  • Super fast loading: The theme is built for speed and loads incredibly quickly—in only half a second! This means visitors won’t have to wait long to see your content.
  • Light on resources: Astra needs only around 50KB of resources, which helps with site speed.
  • Headers and footers: You get to choose from multiple options to design your site’s header and footer areas just the way you want.
  • Sidebar and widget designs: Personalize sidebars and widgets to fit your style or match your brand.
  • SEO-friendly: The Astra theme has built-in SEO features, such as Schema markup, and supports SEO plugins, including Yoast SEO, Rank Math, and SEOPress.
  • Suitable for many website types: Astra is suitable for a wide range of sites, whether you’re starting a blog or building a business page.
  • Ready-made designs: Astra comes with a large library of over 250 pre-designed websites that look great, saving time on setup. You can import Starter Templates, previously known as Astra Starter Sites, and choose from free and premium templates
  • Great for newbies: Astra is easy to use and install. So, if you’re just starting with WordPress, this theme makes it simple to get a professional-looking site up and running fast.

Pros and Cons of Using Astra

When it comes to selecting the right theme for your WordPress website, choices abound, yet Astra excels. Its versatility and user-friendliness have attracted a loyal following.

Let us break down its pros and cons for you. Here’s how Astra measures up:

Highly customizable design options to suit various website types.Some users may find the vast array of options overwhelming.
Integration with major page builders, such as Elementor and the WordPress default editor, smooths the design process.Limited advanced features in the free version compel upgrades.
Performance is top-notch, ensuring fast loading times and a boost in SEO.Less experienced users might need time to familiarize themselves with all the features.
Astra’s mobile responsiveness caters to a growing mobile audience.To unlock the full potential of Astra’s capabilities, users should activate the Astra Pro Addon.
User feedback consistently rates Astra with 5 stars, attesting to its quality.Some niche-specific functionalities may require additional plugins or custom code.
Impressive compatibility with WooCommerce for seamless online store creation.Extra costs for premium modules may add up for budget-conscious site owners.
Regular updates and strong support from developers provide peace of mind.Support experience can vary, though it is generally positive.

Choosing Astra is a smart investment for your website, especially if you need a theme that marries speed with versatility. Its wide range of features caters to both novices and veterans in the web design arena.

Keep in mind, though, that if the free version leaves you wanting, stepping up to Astra Pro is something to consider. To make an informed decision, check out the comprehensive comparison of Astra and Astra Pro’s features here.

Astra Theme Performance and Customization

Exploring the Astra WordPress theme, I’ve been particularly impressed by its seamless blend of lightning-fast load times and expansive customization features. It truly empowers your creative vision without compromising on speed.

Let’s dive into how this theme maintains a top-notch user experience while offering the flexibility to craft a website that’s as unique as your brand.

Speed and performance

The Astra WordPress theme truly shines when we talk about speed. It’s an incredibly quick one, with just 50KB of resources needed to get your website going. This is huge because no one likes to wait for slow pages to load. And if you’re like me and always aim for top scores on Google PageSpeed, Astra can help make that happen.

Astra also gives you a useful guide containing 28 ways to make your website even faster. With tips like these, your Astra site will see better page load times, which will make visitors happy and will help with SEO, too.

Mobile friendliness

I have to tell you about Astra’s mobile friendliness, and this is pretty important. A website that works well on smartphones and tablets is a must today. We all use our phones for everything.
So it’s reassuring to know that the people behind Astra are well aware of this rising demand.
Some of the features that make the Astra theme mobile-friendly are:

  • Responsive design: The Astra theme automatically adjusts the layout, font size, and images in WordPress to fit the screen resolution and orientation of the device. Readability is a priority with this theme, which offers responsive typography controls, so website administrators can customize typography for different devices with no coding required.
  • Customizable header and footer: The Astra theme allows you to customize the header and footer of your website, including the menu, logo, social icons, and widgets. With Astra Pro, you can also choose different header and footer styles for mobile devices, such as a sticky header, a hamburger menu, or a slide-out sidebar.
  • AMP compatible: The Astra free theme is compatible with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which is a Google initiative to improve the performance and user experience of mobile web pages. This results in better speed and higher rankings.

Customization options

Moving on from how well Astra works on mobile phones, let’s talk about making your site look unique. Astra gives you lots of ways to change how your site looks and feels. You can choose different starting designs and then tweak them to fit what you want.

Using the free version, you can customize your website with self-hosted Google fonts, various basic layouts, color and background options, and much more. The paid version provides you with even more features, such as pagination, advanced layouts, and over 180 premium WordPress templates.

As mentioned above, it even lets you design your header and footer. Imagine creating a beautiful online shop or a portfolio that shows off your work just the way you like it. With Astra, it’s all possible. Whatever website dream you have in mind, Astra helps bring it to life by letting you customize every little detail.

Compatibility with page builders and plugins

Astra makes it super easy to build a website just the way you want it. It fits perfectly with many tools that add more features and styles. Here are the essentials you need to know about:

  • The theme follows all WordPress coding rules. You can use any plugin that also follows these rules, such as the Ultimate Addons for Elementor, which is available in their Essential Toolkit and Business Toolkit plans.
  • Astra’s global style rules make sure everything looks good together. When you use a page builder, your whole website will have the same style.
  • Whether you use Elementor, Beaver Builder, or SiteOrigin to build your website, Astra plays nice with all of them.
  • WordPress plugins are like extra powers for your website, and Astra lets you add tons of them. From adding fancy forms to making slideshows, it’s all a breeze.
  • WooCommerce and CartFlows are also big friends of Astra. Astra can help you set up an online shop fast and make sure it looks great on phones, too.

Astra Integrations

Astra’s seamless integrations are a game changer for website functionality and user experience. The theme not only pairs well with major players, such as WooCommerce and Elementor, but also ensures that your marketing efforts sync perfectly with tools like HubSpot and SEOPress. All of this fosters an ecosystem where every part of your online presence works together in harmony.


Astra Integrations with WooCommerce

Astra can do wonders for your online store. It’s like giving your shop a style makeover that pulls in more customers. With WooCommerce and Astra working together, you get these eye-catching checkout pages that make people want to buy from you.

Plus, it’s not just about looks; Astra helps turn visitors into buyers with its smart design.

Astra Pro takes things up a notch for your business. This theme gives me extra powers to build an even better online store using WooCommerce. It feels great knowing the theme is built to grow with my business needs.


Astra Integrations with Elementor

This page builder works like magic with the Astra theme. They team up so you can drag and drop different elements to build websites fast. I don’t need to know how to code, which is great.

What’s even better? You can use all of Elementor’s features without any trouble.

And there’s more good news—setting up an online store or adding helpful tools from places such as HubSpot also goes smoothly with this combo.


Astra Integrations with HubSpot

Now, let’s talk about the “collaboration” between Astra and HubSpot. It’s like having a smart assistant for your website that helps you manage visitors, their email addresses, and more. This is what you get when you mix Astra with HubSpot’s CRM. It’s like giving your WordPress site superpowers to handle all the relationships with people who come to your site.

You can create beautiful forms and pop-ups without any fuss. Plus, these tools work together smoothly to keep track of everyone who shows an interest in what you do or sell.

If you’re serious about growing your business online, this combination makes sure no visitor or potential buyer slips through the cracks.


Astra Integrations with SEOPress

This plugin is a powerhouse for anyone who wants their website to be friends with search engines. It’s all about helping your site show up higher in search results. Your pages are more likely to get noticed on the web because of the SEO features built into the theme itself.

In several easy steps, you can make sure every post and page has what it needs to stand out in searches. And since speed is important, too, you don’t have to worry; your site will be lightning fast while still being SEO smart.

Pricing and Customer Support

Exploring Astra’s pricing and support will reveal why so many users consider it a smart investment for their online presence. Join me as I delve into the real value behind this theme.

Astra Pricing and Support Review

I love how Astra makes things easy on the wallet. You can use the free Astra version, which is great when you’re trying out new ideas. If you want more features, you can upgrade to Astra Pro for $49 per year. If you have 10 websites, the price is $59, and it gets slightly higher if you have 1,000 websites—only $69.

To keep getting premium support and updates, you can choose to pay $199 once and use it forever. The lifetime deals for 10 websites and 1,000 websites are $279 and $349, respectively. I think those are pretty fair prices for building amazing websites without any limits.

Here is some additional information about the currently available pricing plans:

Annual SubscriptionLifetime Subscription

Essential Toolkit
$79 for one site$399 for one site
$129 for 10 sites$599 for 10 sites
$159 for 1,000 sites$699 for 1,000 sites

Business Toolkit
$149 for one site$599 for one site
$169 for 10 sites$799 for 10 sites
$199 for 1,000 sites$899 for 1,000 sites

The support from Astra’s team has been solid, too. They help when I’m stuck, but sometimes I wish they would answer faster. They could make their ticketing system smoother as well.

Getting straight answers quickly matters a lot when working on projects with tight deadlines.


I’ve looked closely at Astra and what it offers. It’s clear why so many love this theme. With its speed, ease of use, and rich features, Astra truly stands out. The choice between Free and Pro depends on your needs and budget.

But for me, investing in Astra feels like a smart move for any webmaster.


What is the Astra WordPress theme?

The Astra WordPress theme is a mobile-friendly design for websites that you can get from wordpress.org and use on wordpress.com sites, too.

Why do people like the Astra theme for their websites?

People like the Astra theme for their websites because it is fast, lightweight, and customizable. Astra has many features that make it easy to create beautiful and responsive websites without any coding skills. Astra also works well with popular plugins, such as Elementor, Yoast SEO, and WooCommerce.

Is Astra a free WordPress theme?

Astra is a free WordPress theme that you can download from the WordPress repository. Astra also has a premium version that offers more options and functionalities for advanced users. You can upgrade to Astra Pro anytime if you want to access more features and benefits.

Can I use the Astra theme on any kind of website?

Yes, Astra is a multipurpose WordPress theme. It’s suitable for creating blogs, websites, and even online stores.

Is the Astra WP theme easy to load and fast?

Yes! The WP Astra theme is made to work well with cloud hosting, so your site loads quickly for everyone who visits it.

Will my website be easy to read on phones if I use the Astra WordPress theme?

Sure! Many WordPress themes, including the Astra one, are made to work exceptionally well on phones, so visitors have an easy time reading your site no matter where they are or which device they use.

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