Top 13 HARO Alternatives: Boost Your Media Opportunities Today

If you’re a marketer or a small business owner, you’ve probably heard of HARO. HARO stands for “Help A Reporter Out.” It’s an online service that connects journalists with expert sources for their stories. HARO can help you get media coverage and backlinks from reputable outlets to boost your online visibility, authority, and reputation.

But HARO is not a walk in the park. Finding relevant queries, crafting compelling pitches, and following up with journalists requires time, effort, and patience. And even then, there’s no guarantee that your pitch will be published. That’s why many marketers and small businesses outsource their HARO campaigns to an agency that specializes in HARO. That can save you time and hassle, and increase your chances of getting featured in high-quality publications.

But before you hire an agency, you might want to explore some other options. You can face less competition with the many HARO alternatives that can also boost media exposure. Some of them are similar to HARO, while others are different in terms of features, pricing, and benefits.

List of Best HARO Alternatives

  1. SourceBottle: Free platform connecting journalists with sources for their articles.
  2. Meltwater: Paid media monitoring and outreach tool with a global reach.
  3. Muck Rack: Paid media database and outreach platform with a focus on journalist engagement.
  4. ProfNet: Paid media outreach tool that puts an emphasis on expert quotes.
  5. Qwoted: Free online service for journalists to connect with authoritative sources and experts.
  6. Prowly: Paid PR database to reach out to journalists with personalized pitches and track analytics.
  7. Twitter #journorequests: Free for journalists to request sources and information.
  8. Help a B2B Writer: Free-to-use service that connects B2B writers with sources and experts.
  9. PitchResponse: Paid service connecting businesses with journalists and media opportunities.
  10. Featured (ex Terkel): Free-of-charge service for both journalists and industry experts.
  11. JustReachOut: Paid media tool focusing on DIY PR outreach to relevant editors at publications.
  12. OnePitch: Paid media service for brands and experts to connect with journalists and be featured in publications.
  13. MentionMate: Paid tool revolutionizing the way industry experts and reporters connect in a single online platform.

Below, we’ll compare the top 13 best HARO alternatives and how helpful they are for growing overall brand awareness and authority. You’ll also discover the pros and cons of each option, and how to choose the best one for your goals and budget.

Let’s dive right in!

1. SourceBottle


SourceBottle is a platform that connects bloggers and journalists with sources who have expertise or stories to share. It helps them find relevant and reliable sources for their articles, podcasts, videos, and other media projects. It’s also beneficial for sources—they gain exposure and credibility by being featured in the media.

SourceBottle Key Features

  • Free and easy to use for both journalists and sources.
  • Access to thousands of media opportunities across various topics and industries.
  • Create custom alerts and receive notifications when a media opportunity matches your criteria.
  • Pitch yourself or your client as a source for a media opportunity.
  • Browse and search for media opportunities by keyword, category, deadline, or location.
  • Share media opportunities with your network via email or social media.

SourceBottle Pros and Cons

Saves time and effort for bloggers and journalists.Competitive and challenging to stand out as a source.
Provides exposure and credibility for sources.Risky and unpredictable to trust unknown sources.
Covers a wide range of topics and industries.Spammy and annoying to receive irrelevant pitches.
Has a large and active community of journalists and sources.Costly to pay for the premium subscription.

“From my experience in doing off-page SEO for almost a decade, I’d say that when selecting the right HARO alternative for your unique needs, first, evaluate the platform’s credibility and reputation within your industry. Look for alternatives that attract quality sources and provide reputable connections.” – Carlos Rosado, Director of SEO, Integrated Digital Strategies

SourceBottle Pricing

SourceBottle is a free online media service for both sources and journalists.

However, there is an option to create an “Expert Profile” for $25 a month and present it to journalists and bloggers looking for experts with your skills.

Additionally, there is a paid subscription service for “Find Giveaways” and “Find a Case Study” that lets you post requests for samples, giveaways, and case studies.

2. Meltwater


Meltwater is a platform for monitoring, understanding, and influencing the world around you through media, social, and consumer intelligence.

Meltwater Key Features

  • Media monitoring: Track and analyze online news, social media, print, broadcast, and podcasts across millions of sources in real time.
  • Social listening: Listen to what people say about your brand, competitors, industry, and topics on social media and the web.
  • Social media engagement: Manage your social media presence across multiple channels, schedule posts, engage with your audience, and measure your performance.
  • Social influencer management: Identify and collaborate with relevant social media influencers to amplify your message and reach new audiences.
  • Consumer intelligence: Understand your customers’ needs, preferences, sentiments, and behaviors using data from surveys, reviews, ratings, and online conversations.

Meltwater Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Comprehensive suite of products for PR, social media, and marketing.Expensive for smaller businesses or limited-budget startups.
Global coverage of over 200 countries and 80 languages.May not capture all the sources related to your industry.
User-friendly interface with tools for data visualization, reporting, and analysis.May have some issues with data accuracy and reliability.
Dedicated support team and a community of users offering guidance and best practices.Requires training and customization to fit your specific needs.

Meltwater Pricing

Meltwater does not disclose pricing on its website. However, according to some online sources, Meltwater’s pricing starts from $4,000 per year for a plan that includes media monitoring and a media database size of 380k+.

The pricing may vary depending on the number of users, features, sources, and regions you need. You can request a demo and a quote from Meltwater’s website.

3. Muck Rack

Muck Rack

Muck Rack is a platform that connects sources with journalists, bloggers, and other media professionals. You can use it to introduce your stories, monitor coverage, and measure impact. Whether you are a PR professional, a marketer, or a journalist, through Muck Rack you can build relationships and get your message out.

Muck Rack Key Features

  • Comprehensive media database that lets you search for journalists by name, outlet, beat, location, social media handles, and more.
  • Pitch builder that assists in crafting personalized and effective responses that get noticed and responded to.
  • Media monitoring tool that tracks your mentions across online, print, broadcast, and social media channels.
  • Reporting dashboard that shows you the reach, engagement, and sentiment of your coverage.
  • Portfolio feature that lets you showcase your work and get verified by Muck Rack.

Muck Rack Pros and Cons

Large and updated database of journalists and global media outlets.Expensive for small businesses or solo practitioners.
Send personalized messages directly from the platform and track their status and response rate.May not integrate well with other PR tools and platforms.
Real-time notifications for your brand and keywords.No free trial to test before buying.
Detailed reports and analytics to measure PR performance and ROI.No free plan offered.

“When selecting a HARO alternative, it’s essential to consider factors like target audience and PR goals. One should also check the platform’s user interface, media search features, and tracking capabilities. 
For instance, Muck Rack is suitable for tracking media coverage. Meltwater Media Intelligence is ideal for large companies. Whichever alternative one selects, it’s crucial to take time and be relevant and insightful when pitching to journalists. By doing so, one can generate high-quality backlinks and mentions from major publications.” – Samuel Fletcher, Co-founder, SupplyGem

Muck Rack Pricing

Muck Rack’s pricing depends on specific factors, so you have to contact them for an accurate estimate tailored to your needs. You can ask for a quote on their website.

However, based on their own data and third-party sources, Muck Rack is estimated to cost $10,000 per year on average.

Some of the factors that affect the pricing are:

  • The number of users and seats
  • The number of media contacts and pitches
  • The number of media outlets and sources
  • The level of customization and support

4. ProfNet


ProfNet is a service connecting journalists and content creators with industry experts for their stories. Unlike HARO, it’s part of PR Newswire—a leading provider of news distribution and media monitoring services. ProfNet has been operating since 1992 and has access to more than 14,000 public relations professionals and hundreds of thousands of experts in various fields.

ProfNet Key Features

  • Journalists can submit queries detailing the expertise they seek, deadline, and preferred method for responses. Requests can be filtered by institution type and geographic location. Experts who match the criteria can contact the journalists directly.
  • Journalists can receive alerts for experts available to speak about current events in their coverage area, ideas for stories, and links to media jobs.
  • ProfNet Connect: This is an online community where journalists and experts can network, share information, and showcase their work. Journalists can create profiles, post queries, browse experts, follow topics, and join groups. Experts can set up accounts, upload multimedia, present stories, answer queries, and join online communities.

ProfNet Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Fast and easy way for journalists to find credible experts.Not free for experts and PR professionals.
Large and diverse network of experts.May not cover all topics and regions.
Additional services such as Expert Alerts and ProfNet Connect.Quality issues with the responses.

ProfNet Pricing

The cost of ProfNet is based on the type of subscription you choose. A single industry segment (one category) costs $1,500 and includes 5 seats for information officers, unlimited expert profiles, notifications, and responses to topics.

Receiving queries and alerts isn’t free and depends on the type of institution and number of subscribers. However, there is no clear information about the pricing of ProfNet for different types of institutions or subscribers.

5. Qwoted


Qwoted Key Features

Qwoted is a free platform where journalists can meet experts seeking media opportunities. It’s among the best help a reporter alternatives on the market. If you’re looking for a way to get more exposure and credibility for your business or personal brand, Qwoted might be a good option for you.

  • You can create a profile that showcases your expertise, experience, and media appearances.
  • You can browse and apply to relevant media requests from journalists looking for sources and quotes for their stories.
  • You can get notified when journalists are interested in your pitch or profile and communicate with them directly through the platform.
  • You can track and measure the impact of your press coverage and share it with your network.

Qwoted Pros and Cons

Increases visibility and authority by being featured in reputable media outlets.High competition to get a placement.
Saves time and hassle connecting you with the right media opportunities.Media mentions are not guaranteed.
As a credible source, you can build relationships with journalists.Not a substitute for a PR strategy.

Qwoted Pricing

Qwoted pricing is based on a subscription model, with different plans depending on your needs and goals.

The Basic plan of Qwoted is free and allows you to create a profile and apply to 2 media requests per month.

The Pro plan costs $124.99 per month and gives you unlimited access to media requests as well as priority ranking and support.

The Teams plan is customized for larger organizations and offers additional features, such as team management, analytics, and branding.

6. Prowly


Prowly is a PR software aimed at creating and distributing engaging stories, managing your media relations, and measuring your PR efforts. It lets you craft beautiful press releases, present them to journalists and influencers, and track performance.

Prowly can also aid in creating and maintaining your online newsroom, where you can showcase your brand stories and publicity. It’s designed for PR professionals who want to streamline their workflow, increase their online visibility, and form lasting relationships with the media.

Prowly Key Features

  • Press release creator: Use Prowly’s drag-and-drop editor to create stunning press releases with rich media, interactive elements, and search engine optimization.
  • Media database: Access over 1 million journalists and influencers from around the world, segmented by industry, location, language, etc. Find the best contacts for your story and personalize your outreach.
  • Email pitching: Send targeted and personalized emails to your media contacts, and track their opens, clicks, and replies. Follow up with the most interested recipients and increase your chances of getting coverage.
  • Online newsroom: Create a branded online newsroom where you can showcase your press releases, media coverage, company news, and social media feeds. Update your newsroom with one click and share it with your audience.
  • PR analytics: Measure the impact of your PR campaigns with Prowly’s analytics dashboard. Track your press release views, downloads, shares, and conversions. Monitor your media mentions across online, print, and social media channels. Evaluate your PR ROI and optimize your strategy.

Prowly Pros and Cons

Easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop functionality.Limited integrations with other tools.
Comprehensive media database with detailed profiles.No social media management or monitoring features.
Effective email pitching with tracking and follow-up features.No phone or chat support.
Attractive online newsroom with a customizable design.Limited media database coverage.
In-depth PR analytics with actionable insights.Complex platform for beginners.

Prowly Pricing

Prowly offers three pricing plans: Essential, Professional, and Professional Plus. All plans come with a 7-day free trial.

The Essential plan costs $293/month and includes 2 users, 1,000 media database contacts, and 3000 emails.

The Professional plan costs $393/month and includes 5 users, 3,000 media contacts, and 15,000 emails.

The Professional Plus plan costs $538/month and includes 5 users, 3,000 media contacts, and 15,000 emails. However, you can manage an unlimited number of brands as opposed to the other plans where you can have just 1.

7. Twitter #journorequests

Twitter #journorequests

Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to share short messages, images, videos, and links with their followers and the public. It is also a popular source of news and information as well as a tool for journalists to find sources, stories, and trends.

One of the hashtags that journalists use on Twitter is #journorequests, which is a way of asking for advice or contacts from other users who might have relevant expertise or experience.

Publicists and PR professionals also use this hashtag to identify potential media opportunities for their clients and ultimately secure media coverage. By following the #journorequest hashtag, experts can scan and react quickly to requests from journalists for sources in their industry, increasing their chances of receiving publicity.

Twitter #journorequests Key Features

  • Allows journalists to reach out to a larger audience of potential sources beyond their existing network.
  • Enables publicists, PR professionals, and experts to identify media opportunities and provide input for articles.
  • Facilitates connections between journalists and potential sources, leading to more comprehensive and well-informed stories.
  • The hashtag is searchable and is often included in third-party Twitter tools, making it easy to find relevant requests and follow up on them.
  • The hashtag’s simplicity and popularity make it a go-to resource for journalists, publicists, and experts seeking to connect and collaborate.

Twitter #journorequests Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Widely used influential platform giving access to a large and diverse audience.Limited character count for expressing complex or nuanced ideas.
Fast and easy way to share requests with the public.Distracting due to the large volume and variety of content on Twitter.
Finding useful sources of news and information.Misinformation from irrelevant sources with misleading intentions.
Great tool for journalists to find sources with the #journorequests hashtag.May have a negative impact on the credibility of journalism due to unverified or biased sources.

Twitter #journorequests Pricing

Twitter is free to use for anyone with an email address or a phone number. However, there are some paid features that users can access, such as:

  • Twitter Blue: A subscription service that offers premium features such as undo tweet, bookmark folders, reader mode, and dedicated customer support. It costs $2.99 per month in the US and Canada, and £2.49 per month in the UK.
  • Twitter Ads: It allows users to promote their tweets, accounts, or campaigns to a targeted audience. The pricing varies depending on the objective, budget, and bidding strategy of the advertiser.
  • Twitter Tip Jar: A feature that enables users to send and receive tips from other users using third-party payment services such as PayPal, Cash App, or Patreon. There is no fee for using this feature, but the payment service may charge a transaction fee.

8. Help a B2B Writer

Help a B2B Writer

Help a B2B Writer is a web-based tool that facilitates business-to-business (B2B) writers to create engaging and effective content for their clients. It’s different from HARO, yet a great alternative. Whether you need to write a blog post, a white paper, a case study, or a landing page, Help a B2B Writer can guide you through the process and provide you with tips, templates, and examples.

“I’ve used a bunch of different press request sites, including HARO, over my years in marketing. One thing I always advise people to do when they are analysing alternatives is to look at the type of press outlets putting requests through. This is so they can ensure they are spending their valuable time on a service that is tailored to them as much as it can be. 
Sites like HARO can be tailored to suit your organisation, it’s the same with Help a B2B Writer. You can select industries that meet your needs and ensure you’re only notified about relevant queries. Other sites, like Qwoted and SourceBottle, are more general, so you need to see what kinds of opportunities are on there before spending a huge amount of time there.” – Ryan Jones, Marketing Manager, SEOTesting

Help a B2B Writer Key Features

  • Content planner for defining your audience, goals, and key messages for each piece of content.
  • Content editor for writing clear and concise sentences, avoiding jargon and grammar errors, and optimizing your content for SEO.
  • Content analyzer for checking the readability, tone, and sentiment and comparing it with best practices and industry benchmarks.
  • Content library for accessing and reusing previous content and finding relevant content from other sources.

Help a B2B Writer Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Saves time and effort with a structured and streamlined workflow for creating content.May not capture the nuances or subtleties of your brand voice.
Improves writing skills by giving feedback and suggestions on how to improve content.May not cover all types of content or formats.
Increases conversion rates with the right persuasive content for your target audience.Requires an internet connection to use the tool.
Boosts your credibility with trustworthy content from B2B writers.May not be compatible with some browsers or devices.

Help a B2B Writer Pricing

Help a B2B Writer is a free service that connects B2B writers with sources. There is no cost for sources to be on the list, and it’s free for writers to submit requests. However, there is no clear information about the pricing of Help a B2B Writer for different types of users. 

9. PitchResponse


PitchResponse is a useful tool to create and deliver engaging sales pitches in minutes. Whether you need to pitch a new product, service, or idea. PitchResponse can assist in crafting a compelling story that resonates with your audience.

PitchResponse Key Features:

  • A library of templates and examples for different types of pitches.
  • A drag-and-drop editor that lets you customize your pitch with images, videos, charts, and more.
  • A voice-over feature that lets you record your own narration or use text-to-speech.
  • A feedback feature that lets you share your pitch with others and get their comments and suggestions.
  • A presentation mode that lets you play your pitch on any device or screen.

PitchResponse Pros and Cons

Easy to use for both journalists and sources.May not have all the features or integrations that some users need.
Saves time and money by creating professional-looking best answers in minutes.May not support all languages and formats.
Gives insights and tips on how to improve pitch performance.May have some bugs or glitches.

PitchResponse Pricing

PitchResponse offers different pricing tiers.

The Starter tier costs $29/month and includes 1 outreach project and 1 connected email account.

The Pro tier is $99/month and includes 10 outreach projects and 2 connected email accounts.

The Agency tier costs $199/month and includes 30 outreach projects and 3 connected email accounts.

10. Featured


Featured (former Terkel) provides a knowledge-sharing online space for creating community-driven content based on insights from trusted experts. It connects brands with industry experts by featuring thousands of panelists in articles through daily questions. Anyone can sign up for free and share their experiences by answering relevant questions and eventually get published.

Featured Key Features

  • Poses daily questions to its panelists, allowing them to share their expertise and experiences in a variety of fields.
  • By answering relevant questions, contributors can get published and boost their expertise online.
  • Community-driven content with expert insights and commentary from panelists, providing a diverse range of voices and perspectives.
  • Anyone can sign up for the free version and access its resources and tools.

Featured Pros and Cons

Democratises thought leadership and offers a diverse range of expert insights.The daily questions posed to experts may not always be relevant to a user’s specific needs or interests.
Provides a platform for experts to enhance their online profile and share their expertise.Relatively new platform that may not have the same level of trust as some of its more established competitors.
Offers free access to its resources and tools.Doesn’t support multilingual questions.

“Terkel and Help a B2B Writer are great alternatives to HARO. Factors to consider are how speedy the service is at providing responses, how often queries are updated, robust UX, and whether it registers details of the source.” – Neelabja Adkuloo, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Mailmodo

Featured Pricing

Featured is a Q&A content platform with different pricing plans.

The Starter plan is free and includes 3 answers per month.

The Pro plan costs $99 monthly. It’s a good fit for a small business looking to get media attention. It provides unlimited answers per month.

The Team plan is for teams and agencies and costs $199 a month. It ensures unlimited answers per month and multiple account connections.

11. JustReachOut


JustReachOut is a platform where you can submit pitches to journalists who are interested in your topic. Whether you want to be featured in a popular blog, podcast, or magazine, JustReachOut is one way to connect with the right media channels and influencers.

JustReachOut Key Features

  • Database of over 1 million journalists and bloggers, updated daily.
  • Smart pitching engine that suggests the best angle, subject line, and email template.
  • Personalized dashboard that tracks your pitch performance and feedback.
  • Team of PR experts who can review your pitch and offer advice.
  • Media monitoring tool that notifies you when your brand or keywords are mentioned online.

JustReachOut Pros and Cons

Saves time in finding and contacting relevant journalists.Doesn’t guarantee coverage by the media.
Assists with crafting effective pitches that get responses and results.May not have all the journalists or media opportunities you’re looking for.
Provides you with valuable insights and feedback.Expensive for small businesses or startups.

JustReachOut Pricing

JustReachOut offers 4 pricing plans.

The Single Brand plan costs $97/month and allows 200 emails/month, 1 team member, and outreach for 1 brand.

The Starter Outreach plan costs $174/month and allows 500 emails/month, 2 team members, and outreach for 5 brands.

The Advanced Outreach plan costs $247/month and allows 1000 emails/month, 2 team members, and outreach for 5 brands.

The Ultimate Outreach plan costs $497/month and allows 2500 emails/month, 10 team members, and outreach for 100 brands.

12. OnePitch


OnePitch is a tool for PR and communication professionals who want to pitch stories to relevant journalists. It selects the best answers by using a patent-pending technology to analyze pitches and match them with the most suitable journalists for the topic.

The tool has several options to choose from: uploading a press release, filling out a pitch template, or typing in a story to get a curated media list in seconds. You can also see OnePitch Scores that show you how well each journalist matches your pitch based on their interests, beats, and recent articles.

OnePitch Key Features

  • Search engine that enables you to find the most relevant journalists and media outlets for your story.
  • Database of profiles that includes journalists’ contact information, beats, and recent articles.
  • Pitch email editor for customizing your message to journalists.
  • A tracking system that lets you know if the journalist has opened, clicked, or replied to your message.
  • A follow-up system that reminds you to follow up with the journalist and lets you send a message within the platform.

OnePitch Pros and Cons

Save time and effort in finding the right journalists.Doesn’t guarantee media attention.
Provides outreach tracking and follow-up with journalists.May not include media outlets in your specific industry.
Trusted by hundreds of leading agencies.Relies too heavily on automation for pitching.

OnePitch Pricing

OnePitch’s website offers a paid service that helps PR professionals and brands identify and connect with journalists to earn media placements within top-tier and trade publications.

OnePitch has a Freemium plan immediately available to all customers at no cost. It allows for one pitch and 10 journalists’ matches.

The All Access plan costs $50/month and offers unlimited access to OnePitch’s enhanced suite of media tools.

13. MentionMate


MentionMate is a platform that transforms the way publishers and sources connect, allowing publishers to obtain original content from industry experts while providing sources with valuable mentions and brand exposure.

MentionMate can help you elevate your content, digital public relations (PR), and link building efforts, all within a single platform.

MentionMate Key Features

  • Digital PR partner that bridges the gap between publishers and sources.
  • A unified platform for digital public relations, content creation, and building backlinks.
  • Publishers benefit from accessing original content contributed by industry experts.
  • Sources gain valuable mentions and increased brand exposure.
  • Enhancing brands and establishing subject matter experts as thought leaders.
  • Unique features such as statistics, analyzing organic traffic, tracking answers, domain rating and authority, and link types (mention, nofollow, dofollow).

MentionMate Pros and Cons

All-in-one platform for digital PR, link building, and content creation.Relatively expensive pricing for premium plans.
Increased brand exposure and recognition.Dependence on publisher selection for getting featured.
Access to original content from industry experts.Analytics limitations in terms of depth and breadth of data analysis.
Flexible pricing plans to suit different needs.Lack of free plans or trial period.

“Many who have contributed to HARO queries regularly know the excitement of getting a quote picked up by a publication only to be disappointed that no backlink attribution was provided, therefore look for an alternative service that provides notification of that intent. Though we want to contribute articles and showcase our expertise, one of the primary reasons to contribute is to acquire the backlink to help drive your SEO efforts.
So when examining the alternatives, make certain that the service includes publications that will include backlink attribution, or provides a place that allows the journalist making the query to confirm this is their intention. In finding a HARO alternative service that informs you of the backlink attribution intentions of the journalist, you can make sure that you are acquiring the full benefits of your contribution.” – Cody Candee, Founder & CEO, Bounce

MentionMate Pricing

MentionMate offers flexible pricing options. You can choose from 3 plans.

The Solo plan costs $990/year. You can have only one company profile and unlimited monthly answers for one website.

The Premium plan is $2,990/year and allows you to have five company profiles and five websites with unlimited answers a month.

The Agency plan costs $7,990 yearly with no limit of answers/month, company profiles, and websites.

Why Outsource to an Agency for HARO Link Building?

If you want to get high-quality HARO backlinks from authoritative media outlets, but you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself, then outsourcing your efforts to a professional agency might be the best option for you.

SEO companies and digital PR agencies have the experience and skills to craft compelling pitches that match the reporters’ queries and get their attention. They also have the resources and connections to monitor and respond to hundreds of HARO opportunities every day, increasing your chances of being featured and earning valuable links. 

By outsourcing your HARO efforts to an agency, you can save time, money, and hassle, while boosting your online reputation and visibility.

Why InBound Blogging?

Our HARO link building service can help you achieve your SEO and PR goals faster and more effectively than doing it on your own.

Here’s how InBound Blogging can help you:

  • We find the best HARO queries for your niche and industry.
  • We craft compelling and relevant pitches that highlight your expertise and value proposition.
  • We follow up with reporters and editors to make sure your pitches get noticed and accepted.
  • We track and measure the outcomes of your HARO campaigns and provide you with detailed reports.
  • We form long-term relationships with journalists and influencers in your field.
  • We leverage our existing network of media contacts to get more exposure and links for your brand.

Take your HARO link building strategy to the next level! Our team of experienced HARO writers will help you get featured in top-tier publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc., Business Insider, and other reputable media sites.

Our HARO link building agency offers affordable and flexible packages that suit your budget and needs. We guarantee high-quality links that will boost your organic traffic, conversions, and authority.

Let’s grow your business with HARO link building. Contact us today!

Wrap Up

We’ve covered some of the best HARO alternatives and competitors out there, from niche-specific platforms to general media databases. Each one has its own pros and cons, so you’ll need to find the ones that suit your goals and budget.

But don’t limit yourself to just one option. You can use a combination of HARO and its alternatives to maximize your chances of getting media coverage in relevant publications. You can use HARO for broad queries, niche platforms for targeted pitches, and media databases to develop relationships with journalists.

The possibilities are endless. So go ahead and explore these Help A Reporter Out alternatives and see what works for you. You might be surprised by the results.


What is HARO?

HARO stands for “Help A Reporter Out”—а platform connecting journalists with sources for their stories. Sources can subscribe to daily newsletters that contain queries from journalists seeking expert insights or opinions on various topics.

What are some of the limitations of HARO?

Some of the limitations of HARO are:
– Very competitive environment, as there are many sources who reply to the same queries.
– Email-based platform where sources do not have access to previous queries or a searchable database of journalists.
– It has broad categories, so sources have to scan through many queries that may not be relevant to their expertise or industry.

What are some of the alternatives to HARO?

Some of the alternatives to HARO are:
– JustReachOut: A PR platform that allows sources to find and pitch journalists, podcast hosts, and bloggers.
– Muck Rack: A media intelligence tool that allows sources to monitor media coverage and pitch journalists directly from the platform.
– SourceBottle: A platform that offers opportunities for sources to participate in giveaways, case studies, and media exposure.
– Meltwater: A comprehensive media engagement, monitoring, and analysis tool that allows sources to reach out to relevant journalists.
– Cision Communications Cloud: A PR and earned media software that helps sources identify influencers, craft and distribute stories, and measure impact.
– Qwoted: A platform that connects sources with vetted journalists who are looking for experts in various fields.

How can I choose the best HARO alternative for my needs?

The best HARO (help a reporter out) alternative for your needs depends on your goals, budget, and preferences. Some factors to consider are:
– The size and scope of your business or industry.
– The type and frequency of media exposure you want.
– The level of support and guidance you need.
– The features and functionalities you value.

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