How to Bypass GPTZero Detection and Successfully Generate Undetectable AI Content

Have you ever found yourself up against a wall, struggling to keep your AI-crafted content off the radar? Trust me, I understand the frustration. I’ve sifted through every strategy in an attempt to outsmart GPTZero’s uncanny ability to spot our digital compositions.

But don’t lose hope just yet. This article is brimming with insights on how to glide past the keen eye of artificial intelligence (AI) detection with elegance, or, in other words, how to bypass GPTZero. Stay tuned—we’re about to elevate our writing into the realm of indistinguishable AI content.

How to Get Past GPT Zero [Key Takeaways]

  • By analyzing statistical features and sentence structure, GPTZero detects AI-generated content, making it crucial for those who want to ensure that AI-written content is indistinguishable.
  • There are effective tools like Dodge, Conch AI, Smodin AI Detection Remover, Article Rewriter, and HIX Bypass that can bypass GPT Zero detection and help generate undetectable AI content.
  • Undetectable.AI and GPTZero Bypasser are other game-changing tools that modify text to mimic human writing styles, making it harder for GPTZero to detect AI-generated content effectively.
  • There are ways to manually humanize AI-generated texts, such as expressing their essence in your own words and adding your own perspective.
  • Bypassing AI detection should be used for ethical purposes, such as polishing your content—whether it’s AI- or human-written.

What Is GPT Zero?

GPTZero homepage

GPTZero is an AI model designed to detect AI-generated content by analyzing statistical features, sentence structure, and using other text analysis techniques. It’s trending due to its ability to identify human-like text generated by chatbots and other AI-based tools.

This tool was created by Edward Tian, a student at Princeton University in New Jersey, US. It looks at the given piece of writing and checks how complex and unpredictable the words are. It’s smart because it can find content made by AI, especially words written by ChatGPT, which got really famous in November 2022.

This makes GPTZero very useful for people who want to be sure they’re reading something a human wrote, not a machine.

How does it work?

This tool does its detective work really well because it focuses on two big clues: perplexity and burstiness. Perplexity is about how complicated or surprising the language in a text is—something that’s often lower in AI writing. Burstiness measures changes in complexity across the text.

Humans tend to mix it up more when they write. Our ideas jump around more than an AI like ChatGPT does. If there is low perplexity and not much burstiness in a text, there’s a good chance it was created by an AI tool.

What limitations does GPTZero have?

GPTZero is a great tool for spotting AI-written text, but it’s not perfect. It’s mostly for schools and teachers, so it might not work well for other purposes. Also, detectors like Turnitin and GPTZero might sometimes give false positives, leading to confusion and wrongful accusations.

But GPTZero is always getting better, and it’s still a good way to find out if the content is written by AI or not.

How to Bypass GPT Zero

If you are wondering how to beat GPT Zero, there are several ways to do that. However, although none of them is foolproof, they are still worth trying.

You can change sentences around, use different words, and add your own ideas to make the content unique. You can also use various tools that can humanize AI content and, thus, bypass AI detection tools like GPT Zero.

“There are tools that try to humanize the AI-generated content, making it more difficult for detection systems to identify it as machine-generated. For instance, has helped me bypass advanced detectors like Turnitin and GPT-3, providing a way to generate content that evades AI detection. However, it’s important to emphasize that using such methods for academic dishonesty is unethical and can have serious consequences.” Dhari Alabdulhadi, CTO and Founder, Ubuy Kuwait

Top 10 Tools to Bypass GPTZero Detection

If the question “how to get around GPT Zero” is on your mind right now, then read below.

I am going to tell you about some online tools that have made a difference for me. Any time I’d like to make AI-generated text sound less robotic and more engaging, these tools are there to lend me a helping hand.

So, let me share my 10 secret weapons with you.

#1 GPTInf

gptinf homepage

This tool is very easy to use and does a great (and quick!) job of humanizing AI texts. In most cases, its output successfully bypasses AI content detection. It doesn’t come to GPTZero only. I am talking about tools like Content At Scale,, and even Turnitin—the safeguard of academic integrity.

Clearly, GPTInf was designed with SEO experts in mind. It has a handy feature named “Freeze-list”. This allows you to add keywords that you want to remain unchanged in the paraphrased text.

#2 Dodge

Dodge GPTZero tool

Dodge is free, downloadable software I often use to bypass GPTZero and other ChatGPT detectors. The program is a graphical user interface (GUI) written in Python by ssit1.

Dodge can detect AI content and then seamlessly make it sound more human-like. With Dodge, it’s quite simple and fast to create undetectable AI content.

#3 Conch AI

Conch AI homepage

Conch AI comes with a powerful built-in feature that can bypass AI detection systems, including popular tools like GPTZero and Turnitin. Also, this tool provides other useful features, like question answering and source summarization.

By utilizing this AI technology, bloggers can confidently generate high-quality, undetectable content without worrying about triggering GPTZero or other similar detectors.

#4 Smodin AI Detection Remover

Smodin homepage

Smodin allows me to remain stress-free as I concentrate on delivering top-notch content with no fears about detection mechanisms. Using synonyms, paraphrasing, changing the sentence structure, and adding filler words, this AI tool can make modifications that automatically have a natural look and feel to them.

Smodin AI Detection Remover is a good choice for those who would love to create content without being flagged by plagiarism checkers and AI detectors.

#5 Stealth Writer

Stealth Writer homepage

Besides being a smart writing assistant, Stealth Writer provides a humanizer tool, which is entirely free in its so-called “Ninja” mode. There are no word limits here. And what’s even better, when paraphrasing, this tool gives me three sentence variations to choose from.

Sometimes, the Stealth Writer Humanizer misses some commas or capitalizing letters, but overall, it significantly improves my AI texts and makes them less detectable.

#6 Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter homepage

I’ve found out that Article Rewriter is a valuable tool for rewriting AI-generated content to bypass GPTZero detection and remove possible plagiarism. This tool is user-friendly and can be beneficial in producing high-quality, undetectable AI-written articles while helping maintain search engine rankings. Article Rewriter can change words, sentences, and entire paragraphs.

#7 HIX Bypass

Hix AI homepage

Designed by HIX.AI and geared for bloggers who want to make undetectable AI content, HIX Bypass is indispensable to me.

Its user-friendly interface and various humanization techniques allow me to avoid AI detection while maintaining the originality and quality of my work. Adding HIX Bypass to my process subtly allows me to stay ahead of GPTZero.


Undetectable AI homepage works great in making AI-generated content sound natural. It’s also good for things such as marketing, customer service, and just making content more engaging overall. So, it’s a big deal in making AI-generated content feel more relatable. allows you to tailor their AI-generated content to fit their desired tone and style. Moreover, it saves you time and money by paraphrasing content quickly.

#9 GPTZero Bypasser

GPTZero Bypasser

This one is for folks who are familiar with the Python programming language. It’s a script that works by analyzing the text and introducing high perplexity and burstiness, making the content less likely to be detected by AI tools.


AISEO homepage

What I like the most about the AISEO humanizer is the option to set goals and choose from a variety of different brand voices to suit your own.

When you paste your text into the tool, it instantly shows you if it’s AI-generated, human-written, or mixed. In addition to humanizing your content, AISEO can improve its readability as well.

Bonus Tips to Avoid GPTZero Detection

How to bypass GPTZero tips

If you truly want your readers and search engines to like your content, don’t be tempted to let AI do all the work. That would be a mistake in the long run.

Except for the amazing tools I have listed above, there are two other strategies I employ to avoid GPTZero detection.

Here is what I advise you to do:

Rephrase AI content manually

Read what the AI tool wrote for you and replace words that are too complex, fluff, and any vague parts. No AI tools produce ideal results, so you’ll always be able to catch their inconsistencies. Fix those by using synonyms, shortening sentences, and adjusting the text so that it relates to your audience and goals.

“The most evident tip: To sound like a human, you should be a human. If your strategy is to produce content 100% with AI, hire a human editor to paraphrase those texts for you.
Remember how, in the early days of the AI boom, content marketers were cautious about using them full-fledged and only turned them on at the editing stage? Well, now, one year later, you may want to do the exact opposite: let an AI write the first draft and let a human make it ready to publish.”
Elena Kozlova, Head of Content Marketing, Pushwoosh

Inject your personality

Always add a pinch of your expertise, experience, and even emotion to your AI-crafted content. This could be case studies, tests, or your own opinion on different subjects. Talk to the reader as if it’s a real person standing in front of you.

“AI detectors seem to struggle a bit with subtleties and ambiguities. I’ve been able to avoid detection by creating sentences that leave a bit of room for interpretation. It’s a tricky trade-off, though, because you don’t want your text to get too complicated or confusing for a human reader. The key is to keep things natural and replicate the kind of variation that you’d expect from different people talking about their experiences.” Gabrielle Marie Yap, Senior Editor & Culinary Entrepreneur at CarnivoreStyle

Combine AI and human editing

You can experiment with the rewriting capabilities of various AI writing tools. Mix their suggestions with those of a human editor or your own. In this regard, here is a clever strategy, suggested by Perry Zheng, Founder and CEO at Pallas:

“Aside from having an actual person edit the AI-generated text, you can also use QuillBot.
Take your GPT-3-generated text and enter it into the detector, unchanged. You’ll get a 100% AI score. Then, enter it into QuillBot. Fix grammatical errors and replace some words with synonyms, but make sure you only edit the things QuillBot suggests. This should bring you to a score that ranges between 40 and 60 percent AI-generated.
At this stage, the only thing keeping the content from passing is readability. It’s best to use a real person at this stage for editing. Making slight changes to sentence structure and helping the content flow better should help you achieve above a 90% originality score.”


To bypass GPTZero, it’s essential to use a combination of tools and techniques. One effective approach is to use manual paraphrasing instead of solely relying on AI-based tools. This can make it more challenging for detection programs to identify your content as AI-generated.

What’s more, leveraging tools like Conch AI and Smodin AI Detection Remover can help avoid GPTZero detection. It is important to note, however, that the use of such tools may compromise the content’s authenticity and originality and may also be unethical, especially in an academic setting.

Take a look at this article I wrote about getting past Turnitin AI detection next.


What does GPTZero do?

GPTZero leverages advanced AI technology to detect AI-generated content. In brief, this tool checks if a piece of writing was made by a human or by AI.

How do AI detection systems work and detect AI-generated text?

AI detection systems utilize algorithms to detect AI-generated content by analyzing various linguistic patterns, syntax, or semantic clues characteristic of AI text.

How do I overcome GPTZero and other AI detectors?

There are effective online tools that can help you bypass AI detectors. Other techniques include manual text rewriting and diversifying content by including your own ideas, opinions, and knowledge.

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