11 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Tools for Business Growth

In the modern online landscape, using keyword rank-tracking software is essential for business growth and ensuring that your content and website rank highly on search engines like Google and Bing. In a recent study, statistics showed that around 68% of all clicks go to the top five Google search engine results pages. So it’s important to utilize target keywords and search engine optimization, especially if you’re a website or business that relies on traffic and search engine results for growth and revenue.  

We’ve created this article to give an overview of the best rank-tracking tools out there. Before we get into it, we need to first explain what rank-tracking software is. Essentially, this type of software allows you to monitor the ranking of your domains, subdomains and the URLs for the keywords you’re using. 

It does this by collecting data from search engines like Google and Yahoo. You can review your performance by analyzing how effectively you’re using your keywords to grow your business and assess how you can improve to get ahead of the competition. 

Which Rank Tracking Software is the Best?

Now that we’ve explained what rank-tracking software is and why it’s key for online business’ growth, we’ll look at some of the best software out there, the criteria to help you determine the optimum one for your business and you as an individual, and give a detailed breakdown of each one. Below is a list of what is widely regarded as the best rank-tracking software:

  • SE Ranking
  • Ahrefs
  • Wincher
  • SEMRush
  • SEO Powersuite
  • AccuRanker
  • Serpstat
  • Authority Labs
  • Advanced Web Tracking
  • Nightwatch
  • Google Search

Before explaining everything about the software listed above, there are still some things we need to examine and clarify about rank-tracking software.

Types of Rank Tracking Tools

There are different types of tracking tools out there and it’s important to understand how each one works in order to choose the most appropriate one for your business. Some are a comprehensive package that include every tool you need for SEO, while others are more specific tools that are only created for SERP (Search Engine Result Page). 

All of these different tools can be grouped into three categories, each with its specific pros and cons. We’ll break down these three categories below:

Desktop Applications 

Here you can download and install the application or program directly onto your computer/desktop. They function completely separately from web browsers (unlike the other two categories) and you’re less likely to get blocked by search engines since these applications emulate human behavior. As such, you can run large lists of keywords.  

Web Browser Apps

Web browser apps are the fastest way to get keyword ranking results since they are browser plug-ins and don’t take a lot of effort and time to install. There are plenty of plug-ins for rank-tracking tools that you can download for browsers like Chrome and Firefox. The main drawback is that if you’re running a high volume of keywords, you run the risk of search engines blocking the plug-ins you’ve installed on your browser. 

SaaS Applications

This stands for Software-as-a-Service and usually functions on web-based servers. If you want to avoid the hassle of installing software on your desktop and don’t want to leave getting blocked by search engines down to chance, then this a great option to track your keyword rankings. 

Features to Look For When Selecting Rank Tracking Software

There are a lot of different elements and criteria to consider when selecting the right rank-tracking software for your business/website. In this section of the article, we will examine each aspect to help you make an informed decision.

Pricing Structure

This is the plan(s) or paid subscription each application or service offers. The pricing structure differs for each ranking tool available. The more websites and keywords you add, the more likely it is you’re going to end up using a singular ranking tool in the long run. That’s why it’s key to find a tool with a simple, long-term affordable pricing structure that’s suitable for your business.

Update Frequency

It’s important to have a tracking tool that is regularly updated so that your business is equipped with the most cutting-edge system for your website’s SEO. Many of the tracking tools in this article offer daily updates to their software. Some update every three days, while others update weekly. There are tools with on-demand SERP refreshes as well. Ultimately, the right one for you depends on your business and your needs.

Reporting Functionality

This is a crucial element to consider when you’re working with a team. The ability to create graphs and other visual representations of the metrics you want to report and communicate to your team is invaluable. Each rank tracking tool has its own unique set of tools when it comes to reporting, so it’s essential to find which one suits you best. Taking advantage of their 14 – 30 day free trials is a good way to experiment. It can help improve your SEO and the growth of your online business. 

Platforms Monitored 

This aspect is dependent on which nation you’re basing your tracking tool on. It’s no secret that Google is easily the most popular search engine. Many searches are analyzed with Google rankings and take place on the Google search console. However, when operating in different countries, you may have to use different search engines to better track and analyze the local market. Some examples include Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Baidu and Yandex. You’ll need keyword rank trackers and SERP tracking tools for each search engine platform you’re tracking. 

Keyword Tracking by Device and Location

A good way to achieve an excellent keyword rank for your website or blog is to separate the tracking by desktop, local and mobile tracking. While a lot of keyword rank tracking software has this feature, they don’t all work in the same way, especially when it comes to localized rank tracking. It’s a good idea to look into them individually to make the most of their keyword tracking features to develop your business or website.

SEO Integration Options

Another vital feature to consider when deciding which software to choose is whether the keyword rank tracker you’re looking into can integrate directly into Google Analytics and the Google Search Console. This allows you to get a clearer view of the bigger picture when it comes to your website’s SEO.

There are a couple of useful SEO integration tools. Wincher allows you to choose or adjust the country. For example, if you are changing google.com to google.co.uk. SEMRush lets you track the city, state or country you are situated in, and Accuranker allows you to track a specific ZIP Code or street.

The Best Rank Tracking Tools 

Now that we’ve thoroughly explored all the different elements and features you should look out for when choosing software for your company or site, we’re going to move on to the next part of the article. 

In this section, we will present and assess the best and most popular rank-tracking tools. We’ll be looking at the key features each one offers, giving a general overview of each piece of software, as well as providing information about their pricing and plans.  

1. SE Ranking


SE Ranking is one of the most used and well-known rank tracking tools on the market. It offers an all-in-one package for SEO, making it a simple, streamlined and comprehensive process. It contains every single marketing and SEO analysis tool you need. 

You get real-time data tracking of your keyword targets on search engines like Google and Yahoo, as well as 100% accurate search engine keyword rankings. You can track data from different cities, states, countries or regions, as frequently as you need. A key feature that SE Ranking has is its PPC/SEO competitive research. You can research and discover the keywords your competitors and other websites on the market are using in their organic and paid search campaigns.

Another useful feature is its in-depth Website Audit Tool. This gives you suggestions on how to improve your website by highlighting its on and off-page problems. By utilizing it properly, your website can potentially reach the top 10 Google search results. Another unique selling point of SE ranking is that it’s an all-in-one SEO Software package. You have all the necessary tools for online marketing, like keyword optimization for higher rankings and SEO analysis.

SeRanking plans and pricing

Before you decide which subscription is most suitable for you, it’s important to note that SE Ranking has a 14-day free trial subscription. You can choose to check your rankings daily, every 3 days (which gives you a total 40% discount) or weekly (which gives you a total 60% discount).

There are additional discounts if you adjust your billing to quarterly or annually. They offer three packages – the Essential, Pro and Business plan.


Essential PlanPro PlanBusiness Plan
250-750 Keywords1000-1750 Keywords2500-20000 Keywords
$39.20 per month for checking your rankings daily$87.20 per month for checking your rankings daily$191.20 per month for checking your rankings daily
You get 10 projects, with 5 competitors per projectUnlimited number of projects, with 10 competitors per projectUnlimited number of projects, with 20 competitors per project
Website Audit for 40,000 pagesWebsite Audit for 250,000 pagesWebsite Audit for 700,000 pages
Monitoring for 6,000 backlinksMonitoring for 30,000 backlinksMonitoring for 90,000 backlinks
Check backlinks for 20 reports per dayCheck backlinks for 100 reports per dayCheck backlinks for 300 reports per day

2. Ahrefs


Similar to SE Ranking, Ahrefs is a great all-in-one SEO package. It gives you the ability to audit and optimize your website, analyze your competitors, find target keywords your customers may be searching for, research the industry’s top-performing content, track your rank progress and much more. Ahrefs’ toolset is useful for both SEO veterans and junior marketers, and everyone in between.

Ahrefs’ main selling points are its ability to analyze websites’ link profiles, SEO health and keyword rankings. Not only that, but you can conduct keyword research for a multitude of websites like Amazon, Youtube and Google. You can use its tools to analyze how content has performed based on certain topics, based on social shares or links.

Although launched in 2011, these days Ahrefs is mainly used by small businesses that conduct their own SEO, SEO agencies with multiple clients, affiliate marketers with multiple websites and specialist SEO consultants. One of Ahrefs’ pros is its massive index of backlinks. You can use this resource to analyze your competitors and their backlinks, as well as zero in on toxic links directed to your website.

Ahrefs plans and pricing

Ahrefs offers 4 different price plans, as well as both monthly and yearly billing, with the ability to get 2 months entirely free if you go with the annual billing plan. The monthly price for each plan varies depending on whether you go for monthly or yearly billing. Each plan comes with one Power user who can use up to 500 credits per month. Credits are consumed when using all Ahrefs tools except the Rank Tracker and Site Audit.


Lite PlanStandard PlanAdvanced PlanEnterprise Plan
$99 per month with monthly billing or $83 per month with annual billing$199 per month with monthly billing or $166 per month with annual billing

$399 per month with monthly billing or $333 per month with annual billing$999 per month with monthly billing or $833 per month with annual billing
Good for small businesses and hobby projectsGood for SEO professionals and in-house marketersEssential for growing businessesGood for big agencies and enterprises 
SEO DashboardIncludes everything that comes with the Lite Plan
Includes everything in the Standard PlanIncludes everything in the Advanced Plan
Site Explorer6 months of history (ability to see backlinks and ranking data from the past)2 years of historyUnlimited history
Keywords ExplorerPosition history chartSite AuditAccess management
Site AuditSERP updatesGoogle Data StudioPay by invoice
Rank Tracker AlertsSite ExplorerDashboard foldersDirectory Listing
Content ExplorerAhrefs SearchAudit log
Batch AnalysisAPI
Reports sharingSSO

3. Wincher


Wincher is a great rank tracking tool, excellent for businesses of pretty much any size. It includes tons of useful SEO tools like the ability to discover new keywords, analyze your competitors, evaluate your SEO performance and other helpful insights. It offers a simple and pleasant-looking dashboard. 

A fantastic component of Wincher is that it provides you with up to 6 months of historical data and ranking history for every single keyword you’ve added during that period. You have access to local ranking data from over 100 thousand locations and 180 countries. You can analyze and track the competition and opt-in to receive daily notifications and updates about changes in your competitors’ rankings.

The keyword research tool has full rank tracking integration and automatic recommendations that allow you to discover new keyword opportunities. It also includes tools like search volume, estimated traffic volume and CPC data.

Wincher plans and pricing

Like many other rank tracking tools on the market, Wincher comes with a 14-day free trial. Each plan enables unlimited users, making it suitable for agencies, companies and marketing teams. You can choose between monthly and annual billing, with differing prices for each method of billing. 


Starter PlanBusiness PlanEnterprise Plan
$39 per month with monthly billing or €33 per month with annual billing$74 per month with monthly billing or €62 per month with annual billing$289 per month with monthly billing or €241 per month with annual billing
You get 500 keywords per monthYou get 1000-4000 keywords per monthYou get 5000 to 50,000 keywords per month
Daily ranking updatesDaily ranking updatesDaily ranking updates
10 websitesUnlimited websitesUnlimited websites
Multiple usersMultiple usersMultiple users
White-labeled reportsWhite-labeled reports
On-demand ranking updatesOn-demand ranking updates
API AccessAPI Access
External users
Project permissions
Project permissions

4. SEMRush 


SEMRush is an all-in-one SEO marketing tool ideal for enterprises, professional SEOs and large teams. It’s one of the biggest SEO SaaS tools on the market and is widely used by professional SEO marketers. Its all-in-one package offers an excellent variety of advanced tools that you’ll rarely find in other services. Its SERP (Search Engine Result Page) tracking tools allow you to track keywords and domains within search engines like Google and Baidu. You can evaluate your campaign progress and fix issues like keyword cannibalization by using the data you accumulate.

You can also monitor things like the organic ranking positions to assess the volatility of Google and other search engines and pick up on important changes and shifts in the ranking algorithm. Another useful tool is researching your competitors and discovering domains that have the most organic visibility.

Besides offering great keyword rank tracking tools, you can also use other metrics to help improve visibility and traffic to your website like conversions, organic search traffic, SERP features, content marketing, market research, advertising and much, much more. You can research your competitors’ strategies for backlink gaps and utilize them to create a successful SEO strategy.

The company provides a massive database of keywords across pretty much all industries and offers a plethora of recommendations to improve your SEO. It has a wealth of features and tools like on-page SEO auditing, competitor analysis, content marketing, local SEO, social media management, link building, content creation and optimization, PPC, website monetization etc.

SEMRush plans and pricing

While there is a free version of SEMRush, the features it offers are much more limited compared to the paid subscriptions. SEMRush’s plans are pricier than its competitors but they’re worth it considering the incredible amount of tools you receive. Similar to previously mentioned subscription plans, there are both monthly and annual billing with different prices.


Pro PlanGuru PlanBusiness Plan
$119.95 per month with monthly billing or $99.95 per month with annual billing$229.95 per month with monthly billing or $191.62 per month with annual billing$449.95 per month with monthly billing or $374.95 per month with annual billing
5 projects15 projects40 projects
500 keywords to track1,500 keywords to track5,000 keywords to track
10,000 results per report30,000 results per report50,000 results per report
Includes SEO, social and PPC tools e.g. Competitor analysis, keyword research, website audit, advertising and social media toolsIncludes all Pro features along with Content Marketing Toolkit, historical data, multi-location and device tracking, Looker Studio integration etc.Includes all Guru features along with Share of Voice, extended limits, API access, PLA analytics, free migration from third-party tools etc.

5. SEO Powersuite 

SEO Powersuite

Popular keyword rank tracking tool, SEO Powersuite, is an all-in-one package of SEO tools. It brings to the table things like Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEOSpyGlass and LinkAssistant. SEOSpyGlass is used to research your competitors’ SEO strategies, while LinkAssistant is used for managing and building your links.

SEO Powersuite’s rank tracker tool is highly sophisticated and impressive. You can monitor over 300 global and local search engine rankings, including major ones like Google. You can filter data to discover useful information and insights, monitor and track your website/brand’s performance and match keywords to precisely the landing page you want.  

SEO Powersuite isn’t a cloud-based platform like a lot of other keyword rank tracking tool software. It’s a desktop app which you can download and access directly from your computer. Since the company doesn’t have to pay for servers, the prices are cheaper compared to other similar services. If you’re interested in running ad campaigns, there’s a PPC ad optimization tool, along with a backlink checker and competitor research tool.

SEO Powersuite plans and pricing

SEO PowerSuite offers a great free plan that includes a host of essential SEO tools, along with two other paid plans. The paid subscriptions are all annual payments. Below are the current prices as of the time of writing this article, and all the features they include.


Free LicenseProfessional LicenseEnterprise License
Free$299 per year$499 per year
4 tools (Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, LinkAssistant)4 tools (Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, LinkAssistant)4 tools (Rank Tracker, WebSite Auditor, SEO SpyGlass, LinkAssistant)
Unlimited keywords to trackUnlimited keywords to trackUnlimited keywords to track
Site crawling & auditing (500 URLs)Site crawling & auditingSite crawling & auditing
In-app content optimizationIn-app content optimizationIn-app content optimization
Backlink tracking & link auditing (1,100 links)Backlink tracking & link auditing (unlimited)Backlink tracking & link auditing (unlimited)
Link prospecting & outreach (1,000 prospects)Link prospecting & outreach (unlimited)Link prospecting & outreach (unlimited)
Saving projectsSaving projects
Dedicated query processing system for captcha-free checksDedicated query processing system for captcha-free checks
Scheduled SEO tasksScheduled SEO tasks
Printing reports (with watermarks)Printing reports
Saving, emailing and scheduling reports
Data export in .csv, .sql, .html

6. AccuRanker 


AccuRanker boasts of being the fastest rank tracker on the planet and the ultimate SERP rank tracker service that caters specifically to enterprises and SEO agencies. It offers a set of tools and features which are aimed precisely at SEO agencies, like its REST API which allows you to integrate Accuranker into your business software.

Another fantastic tool is its data cubing technology which allows you to monitor and organize large sets of data much more manageably. There’s also dynamic tagging, share of voice (SoV) analysis, pixel tracking and so much more. There’s an Aggregated SERP analysis which shows the ranking of different elements such as knowledge panels, featured snippets and FAQs.

It’s honestly one of the best keyword rank tracking tools on the market, with hourly refreshes of keywords, data that updates in a matter of seconds and on-demand ranking updates. AccuRanker also has excellent customer service that offers free best practice sessions once you sign up for one of their subscription plans. 

Its rank tracking tools let you view SERP features such as featured snippets, image packs, etc. It has great third-party integration, with features like Google Analytics and Google Search Console, which allows you to do your tracking from any device or location.


Accuranker plans and pricing

AccuRanker offers a 14-day free trial like a lot of other keyword rank tracking tool services. What sets it apart is its singular paid subscription that includes all its features, however prices vary depending on how many keywords you purchase per month. The prices also differ if you’re paying a monthly or annual subscription.

Prices For Amount of Keywords Per Month and Per Year:

Word countWith monthly billingWith annual billing
1,000 keywords$129 per month$116 per month
1,500 keywords$189 per month$170 per month
2,000 keywords$249 per month$224 per month
3,000 keywords $369 per month$332 per month
5,000 keywords$609 per month$548 per month
10,000 keywords$849 per month$764 per month
15,000 keywords$1,089 per month$980 per month
20,000 keywords$1,329 per month$1,196 per month
25,000 keywords$1,569 per month$1,412 per month
30,000 keywords$1,809 per month$1,628 per month
35,000 keywords$2,049 per month$1,844 per month
40,000 keywords$2,409 per month$2,168 per month
50,000 keywords$2,769 per month$2,492 per month
100K-1000K keywordsprice negotiationprice negotiation


  • Able to track search engines like Google / Bing / Youtube / Yandex / Baidu
  • Track competitors. You can add 10 competitors per domain.
  • You can view the historic search volume for a keyword to monitor how search trends change.
  • Connect with Google Search Console and import all your indexed keywords.
  • Ability to integrate AccuRanker directly in your Google Looker Studio Reports with the native connector.
  • Import your historical data from your existing SEO tool.
  • Add an unlimited amount of domains you want to track.

7. Serpstat


Serpstat is another great all-in-one package SEO toolset that simultaneously offers a wide variety of features, while still being affordable. Besides being a keyword rank tracking tool, you also get a site auditor, keyword research tool, backlink checker and much more. You can track both the global and local rankings for pretty much any domain by using major search engines such as Google. 

Some features that Serpstat offers are the ability to set up automatic rank reports, track your market share of analyzed keywords, group keywords by tags, as well as track organic and paid keyword rankings. Serpstat’s auditing tool can run in-depth analysis of your websites and help glean useful insights on how to improve by identifying potential problems and offering solutions on how to correct them.

There’s also the keyword research feature which lets you generate missing keywords for any domain and discover search strings and questions your customers might have by inputting broad keywords. Additionally, there’s the Serpstat plug-in which allows you to analyze the website you’re on with a simple click.

Serpstat plans and pricing

Serpstat has a free model where you can use its keyword searching and SEO tools for free. It has multiple subscription plans, with prices varying depending on whether you’re on a monthly or annual billing.


$69 per month with monthly billing or $55 per month with annual billing$149 per month with monthly billing or $119 per month with annual billing$299 per month with monthly billing or $239 per month with annual billing$499 per month with monthly billing or $399 per month with annual billing
The plan most suitable for freelancers and SEO individualsGreat for marketing agencies and established in-house teamsGreat for large in-house teams and big marketing agenciesIdeal for industry leaders
Access to more than 20 tools for running SEO, SEM, PPC projects and analyzing best online tactics to compete with rivalsIncludes all Lite featuresIncludes all Standard featuresIncludes everything from the Advanced Plan
1 user3 users5 users7 users
Branded ReportsBranded ReportsWhite Label
Extended Interface and API creditsExtended Interface and API creditsExtended Interface and API credits

8. Authority Labs

Authority Labs

Developed by traject, Authority Labs is an effective keyword rank tracking tool that allows you to monitor your data automatically, as well as gather detailed data and information regarding keywords. It’s easy and straightforward to use since it doesn’t require any downloads. You simply register on their website for free and can begin utilizing their tools. 

Authority Labs’ tools allow you to optimize your keyword strategy, track your competitors, as well as receive daily data on your website’s progress and how it can be improved. Authority Labs can also recover organic keywords to help you better understand the reasons why visitors have clicked on your website.

Authority Labs has integration with Google Data Studio (GDS), which lets you take the reports generated by Authority Labs and publish them in your Data Studio reports. The software is excellent for agencies since you can add an unlimited number of users and can send individualized dashboards to clients as it’s 100% white label.  

Authority Labs plans and pricing

Authority Labs offers a 14 day free trial. The best part about this is that it doesn’t ask for credit card info or other sensitive information. You have four different subscription plans, each paid monthly.


Plus PlanPro PlanPro Plus PlanEnterprise Plan
$49 per month$99 per month$225 per month$450 per month
250 Keywords1000 Keywords2500 keywords5000+ Keywords
50 Domains100 Domains300 DomainsUnlimited Domains
Local TrackingLocal TrackingLocal TrackingLocal Tracking
Mobile TrackingMobile TrackingMobile TrackingMobile Tracking
Daily UpdatesDaily UpdatesDaily UpdatesDaily Updates
Instant SEO Reports Instant SEO ReportsInstant SEO ReportsInstant SEO Reports
Unlimited UsersUnlimited UsersUnlimited UsersUnlimited Users
White LabelWhite LabelWhite Label
Google Data Studio Integration (Beta)Google Data Studio Integration (Beta)Google Data Studio Integration (Beta)
Interface API Access

9. Advanced Web Tracking

Advanced web tracking

Considered to be one of the oldest rank tracking services with over a decade of experience, Advanced Web Tracking has been used by over 24,000 leading brands from all over the world. While it has other features available, this software’s primary focus is tracking keyword rankings on search engines. If you’re looking for a software specifically for this goal, then Advanced Web Tracking is one of the best options out there.

It collects data from over 4,000 search engines, including major ones like Google, Yandex, Amazon and Youtube. You can choose to get ranking at a local level and adjust the search result for the exact country, city or state you want. You can also adjust the interval in which you receive reports, be it daily, weekly or monthly, as well as getting reports or results immediately if you want.

It has great third-party integration with tools like Google Ads, Analytics and Search Console. This makes monitoring and picking up on potential issues regarding organic SERPs much easier to spot and address.

Advanced Web Tracking plans and pricing

What’s great about Advanced Web Ranking is that it has a 30 day free trial, which doesn’t require any credit card information. It’s probably one of the best offers in terms of free trials on this list since it’s double the length of the average one.


Starter PlanPro PlanAgency PlanEnterprise Plan
$49 per month with monthly billing or $44 per month with annual billing$99 per month with monthly billing or $89 per month with annual billing$199 per month with monthly billing or $179 per month with annual billing$499 per month with monthly billing or $449 per month with annual billing
Local & Mobile RankingsLocal & Mobile RankingsLocal & Mobile RankingsLocal & Mobile Rankings
Flexible UpdatesFlexible UpdatesFlexible UpdatesFlexible Updates
SERP FeaturesSERP FeaturesSERP FeaturesSERP Features
Competitor InsightsCompetitor InsightsCompetitor InsightsCompetitor Insights
Google Data IntegrationGoogle Data IntegrationGoogle Data IntegrationGoogle Data Integration
Keyword DifficultyKeyword DifficultyKeyword DifficultyKeyword Difficulty
WYSIWYG ReportingWYSIWYG ReportingWYSIWYG ReportingWYSIWYG Reporting
Unlimited Projects & UsersUnlimited Projects & UsersUnlimited Projects & UsersUnlimited Projects & Users
White Label Report Sharing White Label Report SharingWhite Label Report SharingWhite Label Report Sharing
2,000 Units7,000 units14,500 units35,500 units
Competitor Discovery Competitor DiscoveryCompetitor Discovery
Market ShareMarket ShareMarket Share
Local Keyword SearchLocal Keyword Search
Historical Ranking ImportsHistorical Ranking Imports
Data Studio ConnectorData Studio Connector
1-hour Updates1-hour Updates
Search Console country trackingSearch Console country tracking
Developer APIDeveloper API
CSV exports to FTP
Dedicated Account Manager
Data Migration Assistance
Priority Support

10. Nightwatch


Probably one of the most affordable pieces of software in this article, Nightwatch is great for solo bloggers, freelancers and small businesses, however it still offers packages for bigger companies and agencies too.

Nightwatch lets you access every Google Data Center on the planet, meaning you receive some of the most accurate data when it comes to local rank tracking. This sets it apart from the other software and rank tracking tools on this list. You can track keyword rankings in over 100,000 locations on the planet.

This is essential, especially since Google adjusts its results based on user location. Say for example you have a Bookstore in London. You wouldn’t want to end up rank tracking keywords from other cities and countries, right? With Nightwatch, you can adjust the settings  so you’ll track keyword rankings that are specifically related to bookstores in London. 

Nightwatch also offers other SEO tools like keyword research, website auditing and reporting tools.

Nightwatch plans and pricing

Nightwatch has a 14-day free trial with access to the majority of its tools. To unlock the rest, you need to pay for a subscription. Instead of offering different plans, its subscription payments are based on the number of keywords you want to track per month.

Prices for Amount of Keywords Per Month and Per Year:

Word countWith monthly billingWith annual billing
250 keywords $39 per month$32 per month
500 keywords $59 per month$47 per month
1,000 keywords $99 per month$82 per month
2,000 keywords$198 per month$151 per month
3,000 keywords$269 per month$215 per month
4,000 keywords $339 per month$271 per month
5,000 keywords $399 per month$319 per month
6,000 keywords$459 per month$367 per month
7,000 keywords$519 per month$415 per month
8,000 keywords $579 per month$463 per month
9,000 keywords $639 per month$511 per month
10,000 keywords $699 per month$559 per month
10,001+ keywords price negotiationprice negotiation


  • 10001+ Keywords
  • 1,000 Websites tracked
  • 5 Competitors tracked
  • 50,000 Site Audit Pages
  •  Track Google, YouTube and Bing
  •  Google Analytics Integration
  •  Google Search Console Integration
  •  API Access
  •  Google Data Studio Connector
  •  Unlimited User Seats
  •  Unlimited White Label Reports

11. Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a great tool for beginners, while its tool set is limited compared to some of the other software previously mentioned, it has the clear benefit of being entirely free. 

You have the ability to monitor and research your position on the SERP, domain clicks, impressions etc. You can get detailed reports about which countries clicks are coming from, along with which devices are used to access your site.

You can improve your pages’ ranking by submitting sitemaps, which helps you gain deeper knowledge about your core web vitals and page experience. You also have the ability to see which search queries attract viewers to your website.


Hopefully, this article has given you a comprehensive and detailed understanding of some of the best keyword rank tracking tools on the market. Each piece of software we’ve examined has its own specific strengths and weaknesses. There’s a wealth of options to choose from if you want an all in one package of SEO tools.

Some cater towards individual and freelance SEO designers, while others are better suited to agencies and large companies. It all comes down to your personal preferences and specific needs in order to make the right choice.


What is Rank Tracking on Search Engines? 

Rank tracking is determining the organic position of your website based on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) based on specific keywords.

How Do Keyword Rank Tracking Tools Work?

Keyword rank tracking tools work by visiting search engines (like Google for example) and collecting data to find out which keywords rank higher on the SERP

Why is it Important to Track Keyword Rankings for SEO?

When you track and monitor your keyword rankings, you receive important information on how to improve your SEO strategy, to help you increase the organic traffic to your site.

Does Ranking Position Depend on Location?

Yes, it does. It’s important to note that search engines like Google personalize users’ search results based on their current location. The country, state, city and zip code all affect rankings.

How do I Improve My Ranking Position?

There are many ways to improve your ranking position. Some methods include:
1. Publish relevant and high quality content
2. Make sure you update your content regularly
3. Pay attention to your metadata and ensure that you’re using keyword phrases 
4. Use alt tags
5. Add relevant links within your content

What Are the Most Important Factors Influencing Ranking?

Some of the most important ranking factors include delivering high quality content, page speed, how mobile friendly a site is, domain age, target keywords, technical SEO and how optimized your content is. 

Why Does My Rank Tracking Tool Data Not Match the Results I See on Google?

This is because your rank tracking tool data shows unbiased results, while Google provides personalized SERP results.

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