Write AI Art Prompts With Impact: 20+ Ideas and Templates

Navigating the space of artificial intelligence (AI) art prompts might seem overwhelming, but I’ve discovered insights and strategies to simplify the process. Let’s explore crafting prompts that spark the imagination, making it easier to create stunning digital art.

Ready to dive into inspiration? Let’s begin.

Prompts for AI Art [Key Takeaways]

  • AI art prompts guide generators, such as Stable Diffusion and Midjourney, to create images that match what you imagine. For optimal results, include details about mood, style, and texture in your prompts.
  • Crafting effective AI art prompts involves picking a subject, choosing an artistic medium, such as digital painting or 3D modeling, and adding descriptive details to bring your idea to life.
  • You can explore various art styles with AI by mimicking famous artists’ techniques or diving into different historical eras and movements, such as surrealism or cyberpunk art.
  • Mixing abstract ideas, and nature with technology, or playing with light and perspective, can produce unique and surprising artwork through the use of detailed prompts in AI art generators.

What Are AI Art Prompts?

AI art prompts are short, creative instructions or ideas you provide to an AI art generator. These prompts help the generative AI create unique and interesting visual art based on your words, truly showcasing the possibilities of AI-generated art.

AI art prompts are akin to keys that unlock the magic of AI art generators, such as Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, DALL-E, and Photosonic (part of Writesonic). These prompts guide the AI to create images that match your vision.

Below, you’ll find a summary of the main categories of AI art prompts:

AbstractPush the boundaries of creativity with prompts that challenge conventional imagery, such as envisioning chaos as color and form.
Portraits and charactersDescribe human emotion and personality by crafting prompts that capture specific moods and settings.
SurrealismBlend dreams with reality to create unexpected and intriguing compositions that defy logic.
Pop art styleMerge your favorite elements from movies, music, or video games into unique artwork with AI assistance.
ArchitectureCraft breathtaking cityscapes, ancient structures, or futuristic habitats by combining architectural styles and moods.
CyberpunkExplore neon-lit streets, gritty hacker dens, and futuristic cityscapes straight out of a sci-fi novel.
FantasyLet your imagination soar with prompts that conjure up magical realms, mythical creatures, and epic adventures.
TypographyExperiment with fonts and styles to add visual depth and meaning to your AI-generated artwork.
Street artCapture the vibrant energy of urban spaces by crafting prompts that evoke the dynamic essence of street art.

With these categories, you can guide AI art generators to create captivating and unique pieces that reflect your vision and inspiration.

Are you wondering which AI art generation tool to use? Check out my Midjourney vs DALL-E review to help you decide.

Steps to Creating Effective AI Art Generator Prompts

Crafting the best prompts for AI art is like playing a game of mix and match, but it’s simpler than you might think. Here’s my two cents on how to write AI art prompts:

  1. Choose your artistic medium: Begin by selecting the medium you’ll use to create your AI art, whether it’s digital painting, 3D rendering, or mixed media. Each medium offers unique tools and possibilities, shaping the direction of your creative journey.
  2. Define your subject: When writing your prompt, identify the focal point that ignites your imagination, whether it’s a simple object or a complex emotion. Your subject sets the stage for exploration with AI tools such as Midjourney or generative artificial intelligence programs.
  3. Experiment with descriptive details: Effective prompts contain vivid descriptions that go beyond basic instructions. Such details guide the AI better, and you’ll get the best results. Instead of merely stating, “Paint a picture of a person,” delve deeper with specifics like, “Create an image of a young woman on a sunset beach, her flowing hair and sundress blending with warm hues. With a seashell in hand, she gazes into the horizon, a picture of longing and connection to nature.”
  4. Consider elements of design: Elements like perspective, lighting style, and composition add depth to your creations. Perspective helps viewers immerse themselves in the scene, while lighting sets the mood and atmosphere. Experiment with layout and arrangement until your artwork resonates with your vision.
  5. Craft the perfect prompt: Combine all these elements into a clear and concise prompt for your AI art generator. Patrick Herbert, a Director at Singularity Digital advises us to think of more than just aesthetics and use our senses.

Put yourself in the image and think of sight, touch, feel, and emotion. The model may not pick it all up, but these things provide smaller details for the image.

Bonus tip: You can always count on AI to generate unique AI art prompts for you. You can try either asking free tools like ChatGPT to generate prompts or using AI art prompt generators that are specifically designed for this purpose. Midjourney Prompt Generator might be your go-to place.

20 Good AI Art Prompt Examples

Whether you’re blending nature with technology or crafting abstract patterns, each prompt opens up a world of possibilities. By mixing the organic and digital worlds, AI prompts spark imagination, resulting in stunning artworks that break traditional boundaries.

Check out these common templates as they can help you get started with prompts for AI art:

  • Create a:
    • Digital painting of [subject] with [description].
    • Digital mosaic of [subject] that combines [elements].
    • Digital tapestry weaving together [themes].
  • Design a:
    • 3D model of [subject] that [description].
    • 3D labyrinth that [description].
    • Concept art for [subject] featuring [details].
  • Compose a:
    • Mixed media collage representing [concept] through [details].
    • Symphony of colors in [medium], depicting [theme].
    • Poetic visual narrative exploring [topic] with [elements].
  • Illustrate a:
    • Serene landscape in [medium], featuring [description].
    • Vibrant cityscape at [time of day], highlighting [details].
    • Detailed illustration of [subject], capturing [mood].
  • Sketch a:
    • Character representing [fusion], with [details].
    • Futuristic vehicle design inspired by [theme].
    • Scene from a fantasy world, showcasing [elements].

And here is my list of the top 20 AI art prompt ideas. You can use them next time you feel stuck or just want to try something different for your AI art projects:

  1. Create a digital painting of an ancient tree with roots that twist and turn into different historical events.
  2. Create a digital mosaic of a mythical creature that is part phoenix, part lion, and part fish.
  3. Create a digital tapestry that weaves together stories from a thousand different lives.
  4. Design a 3D model of a futuristic cityscape where nature and technology coexist harmoniously.
  5. Design a 3D labyrinth that shifts and changes with the phases of the moon.
  6. Compose a mixed media collage representing the concept of hope through symbols from various cultures.
  7. Illustrate a serene landscape in watercolors, featuring a hidden oasis in a desert at twilight.
  8. Sketch a character that represents the fusion of fire and ice, with intricate patterns showing their interplay.
  9. Sketch a journey through space, visiting planets that each have their own unique ecosystem.
  10. Develop an abstract representation of joy using bright, explosive colors and dynamic shapes.
  11. Develop an abstract visualization of sound as it travels through different mediums.
  12. Craft a portrait of an elder’s face where each wrinkle tells a different story of their life journey.
  13. Craft a scene depicting an underwater civilization untouched by time.
  14. Envision a peaceful garden that changes seasons with a single command, showcasing the cycle of life.
  15. Depict a bustling marketplace from a bird’s-eye view, capturing the essence of human interaction.
  16. Paint a dynamic battle scene between elemental giants, emphasizing the clash of earth, water, fire, and air.
  17. Generate a street art mural that tells the story of a community’s cultural heritage.
  18. Envision a mechanical garden where the plants are made of gears and metal yet move as if alive.
  19. Assemble a mixed-media narrative that explores the concept of identity through layers of images and text.
  20. Render a surrealistic scene where gravity doesn’t exist and everyday objects float amidst clouds.

My Real-Life Experience With AI Art Prompts and Templates

Next up, it’s time for you to see how it all works.

I decided to activate my Writesonic free trial and get to know it in detail. In addition to speedy and quality writing, this tool shines with its AI image generator, named Photosonic.

Considering each of the categories I presented above, I provided Photosonic with specific AI art prompts, tried the enhancement feature, and waited for the tool to come up with an image.

Read on to see what happened.


Original prompt: Challenge the norm by transforming chaos into vivid color and dynamic forms, depicting the rhythm of a bustling metropolis through abstract shapes and textures.

Output 1:

Abstract AI art

Enhanced prompt: Transform chaos into vivid color and dynamic forms, abstract depiction of a bustling metropolis, energetic and rhythmic composition, abstract expressionism, vibrant colors, bold brush strokes, mixed media, high abstraction level, 100% chaos parameter, modern art, large-scale canvas, 2T distance, wide-angle perspective, panoramic view.

Output 2:

Abstract AI art enhanced

Portraits and characters

Original prompt: Capture the introspective mood of a lone wanderer gazing into the horizon amidst a desolate landscape, evoking a sense of resilience and hope.

Output 1:

portrait ai art

Enhanced prompt: Capture the introspective mood of a lone wanderer gazing into the horizon amidst a desolate landscape, evoking a sense of resilience and hope. Cinematic landscape photography, golden hour lighting, wide-angle shot, high contrast, ethereal atmosphere, minimalist composition, medium-full shot, 16:9 aspect ratio.

Output 2:

portrait ai art enhanced


Original prompt: Merge the boundaries of dreams and reality by creating a scene where clocks melt like wax, floating in a sky filled with upside-down trees and shimmering stars.

Output 1:

surrealism ai art

Enhanced prompt: Create a scene where clocks melt like wax, floating in a sky filled with upside-down trees and twinkling stars, merging the boundaries between dream and reality. Surreal ambiance, vivid colors, high contrast, surrealism technique, meticulous details, photorealistic rendering, 4K.

Output 2:

surrealism ai art enhanced

Pop art style

Original prompt: Infuse the retro charm of 80s arcade games with a cyberpunk twist, featuring pixelated characters navigating neon-lit streets in search of digital adventures.

Output 1:

pop ai art

Enhanced prompt: Create a digital art piece with a retro 80s arcade game aesthetic and a cyberpunk twist. Pixelated characters explore neon-lit streets, embarking on digital adventures reminiscent of classic arcade games. Vibrant colors, futuristic cityscape, retro pixel art, high contrast, dramatic lighting, digital nostalgia, 16-bit graphics, immersive cyberpunk atmosphere.

Output 2:

pop ai art enhanced


Original prompt: Imagine a futuristic cityscape where skyscrapers intertwine with lush greenery, blending sleek modern design with organic elements reminiscent of ancient civilizations.

Output 1:

architecture ai art

Enhanced prompt: Imagine a futuristic cityscape where skyscrapers seamlessly merge with lush greenery, creating a harmonious blend of sleek modern design and organic elements inspired by ancient civilizations. The towering structures stand tall against the backdrop of vibrant foliage, evoking a sense of awe and wonder. The architectural marvels exhibit clean lines and innovative shapes, while the green spaces feature flowing gardens and cascading waterfalls. This visual masterpiece captures the essence of a utopian metropolis, where nature and technology coexist in perfect harmony.

Output 2:

architecture ai art enhanced


Original prompt: Transport viewers to a neon-soaked dystopian future, where shadowy figures lurk in the alleyways of a bustling metropolis, their faces illuminated by the flickering glow of neon signs.

Output 1:

cyberpunk ai art

Enhanced prompt: Transport viewers to a neon-soaked dystopian future, where shadowy figures lurk in the alleyways of a bustling metropolis, their faces illuminated by the flickering glow of neon signs. Cyberpunk digital art, Blade Runner aesthetic, high contrast, dramatic lighting, futuristic cityscape, 4K resolution, wide angle shot, Leica Q2, surreal atmosphere.

Output 2:

cyberpunk ai art enhanced


Original prompt: Embark on a journey to a whimsical woodland realm inhabited by enchanted creatures, where fairies dance among towering trees adorned with glowing lanterns.

Output 1:

fantasy ai art

Enhanced prompt: Embark on a journey to a whimsical woodland realm, inspired by medieval folklore, inhabited by enchanted creatures and fairies. Towering trees, adorned with glowing lanterns, create a magical atmosphere. Detailed painting with vibrant colors, dreamlike composition, oil on canvas, 4K resolution, wide angle shot.

Output 2:

fantasy ai art enhanced


Original prompt: Experiment with typographic elements to convey the rhythm of a bustling city street, where words twist and turn like graffiti tags, expressing the vibrant energy of urban life.

Output 1:

typography ai art

Enhanced prompt: Experiment with typographic elements to capture the rhythmic energy of a bustling city street. Let the words twist and turn like graffiti tags, expressing the vibrant pulse of urban life. Incorporate bold, dynamic fonts, vibrant colors, and overlapping text layers. Create a collage-like composition that combines graphic design and street art aesthetics. Play with different typography styles, such as stencil fonts or handwritten lettering, to add an edgy and urban feel. Emphasize the kinetic movement of the words and their interaction.

Output 2:

typography ai art enhanced

Street art

Original prompt: Capture the raw energy of a bustling city block, where vibrant murals tell stories of resilience and resistance, blending elements of culture, history, and community.

Output 1:

street ai art

Enhanced prompt: Capture the raw energy of a bustling city block, where vibrant murals tell stories of resilience and resistance. Blend elements of culture, history, and community into a powerful visual narrative. Cinematic composition, dynamic angles, dramatic lighting, graffiti art, street photography, documentary-style, photojournalism, gritty realism, urban landscape, Leica Q2, f2.8, 4K resolution.

Output 2:

street ai art enhanced

With each prompt, AI becomes more than just a tool—it’s a creative AI partner, transforming ideas into captivating artworks that bridge the gap between tradition and innovation in art.

Experts Share AI Art Prompt Ideas That Worked

Despite the ongoing debate about human art vs AI art, the latter offers so many possibilities that make it tempting and exciting to explore. That’s a fact.

Tap into the real stories of these four industry experts and learn their advice regarding AI art prompts.

1. Evoke personal journeys and ambitions

“For a project focused on the theme of student loans in the finance sector, I crafted a prompt that aimed to encapsulate both the challenge and hope associated with this topic. The prompt was: ‘A determined young student studying late at night in a cozy, dimly lit room, surrounded by piles of textbooks and a laptop displaying a scholarship application form, with a vision board in the background filled with dreams of future success.’ The result was a powerful visual narrative that resonated deeply with viewers, effectively communicating the complexities and motivations behind student loans.” Gillian Dewar, Chief Financial Officer, Crediful

2. Embrace abstract concepts

“I found that prompting the AI with abstract ideas such as ‘capture the essence of freedom’ or ‘explore the concept of timelessness’ sparks the AI’s imagination and encourages it to interpret these concepts in visually compelling ways. By tapping into the AI’s ability to interpret and express abstract ideas, we unlock a wealth of creative potential and generate images that are not only visually stunning but also conceptually rich and thought-provoking.” Alex Taylor, Head of Marketing, CrownTV

3. Utilize punctuation for clarity

“Some cool things have happened because of the smart use of commas inside prompts. This simple punctuation mark can help make directions clearer and less ambiguous. The AI model can now look at different parts by itself. Say ‘Sunset, city, beautiful colors’ instead of ‘A city at sunset.’ It would be easier for the AI to put the pieces together and figure out how they work.” Bobby Lawson, Technology Editor/Publisher, Earth Web

4. Mix unexpected elements

“We believe in thinking outside the box when it comes to crafting AI art prompts. One effective approach is to combine unexpected elements, such as ‘a futuristic cityscape with a vintage twist’ or ‘a whimsical underwater world with steampunk influences’. By pushing the boundaries of traditional prompts, we challenge our AI to think creatively and produce truly unique and captivating images.” Alex Stasiak, CEO and Founder, Startup House


Exploring AI art prompts opens a new door to creativity. With powerful AI art tools, such as Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, and Photosonic, we’ve got everything needed to get started. These art generators push our imagination to its limits and create AI art that’s simply fascinating.

We learn how effective text prompts can make or break the artwork. So, let’s get creative and see what stunning pieces we can dream up with AI by our side.


How do AI art generators work?

AI art generator tools work by using algorithms to analyze vast datasets of artwork, learning patterns and styles, and then applying this knowledge to generate new, unique pieces of art.

How do I write the best AI prompts for art?

To craft great AI art style prompts, start with clear, descriptive adjectives and specific art styles, such as cubist art or steampunk. Be imaginative. Adding details helps the generator understand exactly what you want in your image.

Can AI generators make any style of artwork from my prompt?

Yes, many free AI art generators can produce a wide range of styles—from realistic images to abstract ones. If you provide it with a funny AI art prompt, the output will be funny as well. Just specify your desired style in your prompt.

Where can I find inspiration for crafting cool AI art prompts?

Find inspiration everywhere. Look at keywords related to different art styles, use examples from online galleries, or think about what kind of visuals excite you. The key is to keep your prompts unique and full of details.

Do certain words in my prompt affect how the AI creates art?

Absolutely—the content and adjectives you use directly guide the AI image generator’s output. For example, adding “bright colors” or “shadowy figure” tells the generator more about the mood and look you’re aiming for.

How does using an AI art generator compare with traditional methods?

Using an AI art generator opens up new possibilities for creativity without needing technical skills in drawing or painting—it’s fast and often surprising. While it doesn’t replace traditional artistic methods, it offers a fun way to generate visual ideas quickly.

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