About me

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My early life

During my childhood, my parents always used to say “you have to get a good education so you can have a better life”. I think this is a sentence many of us heard during childhood. So when the time came, I studied hard and applied to one of the best High Schools in my hometown. And guess what? I got in! It was my first encounter with marketing, at this time digital marketing didn’t exist, however, marketing quickly became one of my favorite school subjects. I was always wondering which path to follow for higher education: marketing or accounting. Eventually, I chose accounting because I saw more potential there at the time.

My education was pivotal in helping me get my first job in banking. During the 4 years, I spent there I started my first side hustle business.

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When everything started

In 2012, my cousin and I founded a small online shop selling t-shirts. Back then I didn’t know anything about digital marketing and I had to rely on instinct. This was the first time I’d ever dealt with the digital world, and I was hooked! 

In the early days, I got my feet wet with Facebook marketing, not SEO, keep in mind Facebook back then was a world away from what it is nowadays. The organic reach really worked, small paid campaigns brought decent results, but the most interesting part was working with influencers (a term I didn’t know at that time). Similarly, they didn’t know the extent of their value yet and the ROI was incredible. This was a brand new niche in my country. Speaking of niches, this is another element I’m particularly proud of from my early digital marketing career. Our shop was focussed and we targeted a specific niche which is still relevant today. The last interesting thing I can share was my intuition for creating a brand. This differentiated us from our competitors at the time, as we weren’t merely selling ordinary t-shirts, we were producing them from scratch with our unique personal touch.

After a few years, I decided to go abroad and try working and studying for a second masters degree and sold my share of the business to my partner. I wanted to be in a fast-growing industry, communicate and work with people all over the world. However, I had the realization that my country was my home and the place I felt happiest. That’s why I came back.

I then started working as an Accountant, which had been my dream job since high school. But after a year I recognized that this wasn’t the job for me and came to the conclusion that this wouldn’t be my future. It just didn’t feel right. 

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It all began with pure interest 

In 2015 I found myself in SEO. I started taking different courses, although my initial idea was for SEO to be a side hustle. Nonetheless, one thing led to another and I decided to start looking for a full-time SEO role at the beginning of 2016. While working I continued taking courses, but even more intensively. At the end of the same year, another job opportunity presented itself from Brosix where I was responsible for all marketing activities and the rapidly growing team. Honestly, my first years were really hard, because apart from this full-time job, I was constantly attending courses to develop and establish myself as an expert. Needless to say all of this hard work paid off eventually, and I began to see the fruits of my labor. 

I spent more than 4 years at Brosix, a pioneer of the instant messaging industry and still on the market today. We faced many challenges but we achieved some incredible results. It was a wonderful experience, but I felt ready to take on a new challenge. 

Following this, I became SEO manager at SiteGround, one of the biggest hosting companies in the world. There I also faced a lot of challenges and found innovative ways to overcome them, and the results we wanted quickly followed. I had the chance to work with incredible specialists in the industry, which I’m really thankful for. However, I knew I had to follow my own path.

In September 2022 I decided it was time for the next step in my career and I left SiteGround. I focused my full attention on my new project InBound Blogging and working with different clients as a consultant.

I’m excited to see what the future brings.

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More about me…

I’m an author on authority websites such as: marketingprofs.com, business2community.com, g2.com, allbusiness.com, jeffbullas.com, thriveglobal.com, hackernoon.com, tweakyourbiz.com, socialnomics.net, socialmediaexplorer.com,noupe.com, readwrite.com, freshworks.com, prowly.com, shift4shop.com, cloudtalk.com, rswebsols.com, pointerpro.com, and many others.
My publications are featured on websites such as: techrepublic.com, jotform.com, serpstat.com, authority magazine, getresponse.com, cloudways.com, campaignmonitor.com, databox.com, digitalolympus.net, tidio.com, keap.com, smallbizztrend.com, itpro.co.uk, mailshake.com, contentstudio.io
Based on my keyword research content strategies, I was able to grow organic traffic by 100% in a small period of time for a company I worked with.
I succeed in generating higher organic traffic, visibility and average positions putting me neck and neck with the giants. This was achieved working with a small team and based on more than 200 keywords we were tracking with the highest business potential for the company.
In addition, I’m a Product Hunter with №5 product of the day and second place on Product Hunt’s annual award Golden Kitty.

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I am grateful for the experiences I’ve had and the connections I’ve made, the sites I’ve contributed to, and the results I have been fortunate enough to drive through my career.

Still, there’s a lot more work to do, and more topics to discuss.

My true passion doesn’t come from making money online, but instead from when I’m lucky enough to meet someone new, and teach them through online marketing lessons I believe can change their lives.

Starting a blog has many benefits that are often overlooked, such as freeing you from the constraints of a 9 to 5. 

It could be anything! You could have a side business to give you added funds to support your family, or you could begin a lucrative passive income stream by writing a unique story and sharing it with the world, and get paid for it. 

Regardless of what you’re aiming for, I’ll help you get there faster. Don’t waste time, your future self will thank you!

If you want to work with me or are interested in having a consultation, get in touch with me here.